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Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy

At barn-a-b’s we believe that we can best meet the needs of individual children by working closely with parents/carers. We aim to develop partnerships between parents/carers and staff which are based on mutual trust and respect and which promote the sharing of information and knowledge for the benefit of the children in our care.

Implementation of the policy
The Staff must:

ensure that there is a system of communication between the Pre-School and parents/carers.
make every effort to ensure that information for parents/carers is made accessible to them.
arrange a briefing meeting with parents/carers before their child’s admission, to inform them about policies and procedures.
ensure that any consent forms/agreements are completed.
ensure that the required contact information is kept up to date.
establish, where appropriate, the name of a child’s legal guardian.
keep an up-to-date record of any particular needs of children. These records must be kept securely.
ensure that arrangements for the children’s arrival and collection are clear, and understood by all staff and parents/carers.
establish a system in which only authorised adults can collect children, and create a plan that can be used in an emergency when a child cannot be collected by the recognised adult.
ensure that information about children is treated as confidential, is held securely and is only shared with parents/carers and relevant personnel.
ensure that all staff, volunteers and students understand that information held on children and their families is confidential.
ensure that all employed staff, volunteers and students are aware of this policy and the procedures followed in the Pre-School.
Sharing information
We invite parents/carers to a briefing meeting before their child’s admission to discuss policies and procedures in the Pre-School and to complete the required contact forms.
We ask parents/carers for information about their children, their individual needs and requirements in order to ensure the best possible care for them.
We display daily routines and details of the Pre-School organisation:
On the notice board in the entrance
We provide information about themes/topics through regular newsletters/posters.
Parents are advised about visits/outings by newsletters/letters to sign and are informed about the purpose of the visit.
We believe that the child’s named key worker is central to every exchange of information. Parents/carers are welcomed into the Pre-School to discuss their child’s progress and welfare with the key person and are urged to share any relevant information about changes to their child’s normal family life or routine.
We pass any changes to details held about a child‘s circumstances to the person in charge of records so that these can be updated, where appropriate.
We encourage parents/carers to first discuss any concerns or issues about their children with the key worker. The key worker must discuss any issues that cannot be resolved with the person in charge.
Dealing with complaints
The person in charge deals initially with any general concerns/issues about the Pre-School.
Any complaint is dealt with promptly by the committee. We keep a written record of the nature of the complaint, the action taken, the person responsible for investigating and taking action, the timescale and the outcome. We keep secure copies of this record.
We provide parents with details of how to contact OFSTED, should the need arise.
Privacy and confidentiality
Any personal data on children and their parents/carers is held securely.
We treat information about children and their families as confidential. We only disclose this to staff on a ‘need to know‘ basis and only with the agreement of the parent/carer.
The key worker is responsible for sharing information about the progress and welfare of a child with his/her parents/carers. This information is also shared with other staff, to ensure that the best interests and needs of the child are met.
Some information exchange about children occurs informally on a daily basis; other opportunities for a more detailed report are offered through parent meetings/regular written reports to parents/appointments by arrangement to discuss specific concerns/notice boards.
Key workers keep individual records on children’s achievements and progress. These are kept securely.
We allow parents access to their own children’s records on request.
We do not allow parents access to the records of other children.
Arrival and collection of children
The arrangements for bringing children in to the setting are:
The main door is open at 9.25am, Parents are encouraged to help their child choose a peg for their coats and book bags. Any Lunch boxes must be taken in to the main room and placed in the box provided, labelled lunch boxes. Parents are invited to play with their child before the session starts. Parents are then asked to leave promptly, as long as their child is happy and settled. In the case that their child is not contented, parents are offered to stay up until 10am, if they feel this would benefit their child.
We do not allow any child to be left in to the Pre-School without a member of staff being made aware of his/her arrival.
The procedures for collecting children are:
The main door is open at 12.30pm when the session has finished. The stair gate is closed and the main door is supervised by a member of staff. Parents line up in the corridor and a member of staff will call the children to their parents in the order that the parents are lined up.
We only permit the authorised adult to collect a child from the Pre-School unless we have already received written permission for another named adult to do so. Proof of identity will be required if that person is not known to the preschool. We only release children into the care of an adult.
In an emergency situation, where the authorised adult cannot collect the child, the person who does collect the child will need to provide evidence that he/she has the authorisation of the parent/carer. The child’s safety will be the primary concern at all times.
Please refer to the non-collection of children policy, for our procedures in collection of children at our pre-school.
Children with an identified need
When a child is identified as having a particular need by either the parents/carers or a member of staff, the concern will be discussed with the parents/carers, as well as the person in charge.
We will consult the local authority for advice on providing for the child’s needs.
We will follow the procedures set out in the Policy for Special Needs.
We will consult parents/carers about all decisions that are made regarding the provision for their child
The registered person and staff work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children, both individually and as a group. Information is shared.
Children Act Regulations relating to our policy
Records must be kept of the name, address and date of birth of each child and the name, address and telephone number of a parent.
When a parent has made a complaint about the service a statement must be kept of the procedure that was followed.
There is a responsibility (on the local authority) to provide appropriate services to children who are considered to be ‘in need’ as a result of problems caused to their development or health by a range of factors. Where a child has been identified as being in need, the local authority is required to work with other interested parties to promote the welfare of the child.

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